Our Masses are cancelled and our churches are closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

How long we do not know. But, we are striving to be a People of God in these trying and unique circumstances. We are communicating primarily by email (If you’re not receiving our emails please contact our office to have your email address added to our list.) with our weekly bulletin, our Weekend Readings and Prayers of the Faithful, and various other prayers. We’ve also initiated a Reach-Out Ministry to those who are shut in. If you know of someone who is shut in, why not join the Ministry and contact them (please advise our office and receive suggestions.) You’re encouraged to view our Bulletin each week for the most up-to-date information and invited to attend Holy Week Livestream Masses. More opportunities and blessings will come as we deepen our guidance and reliance on our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that the glory of our God will shine forth and the pandemic will soon end.