One Million Hail Mary’s

St Joseph, St Norbert and St Matthew Prayer Ministry

We have a major prayer initiative over the course of 2019, asking parishioners to pray the Rosary for our Parish.  Each month we’ll present a new parish related ‘Intention of the Month’ on our bulletin and on the Prayer Display in each church.  Pray as groups, as families, or as individuals.  For our Monthly Intentions, our goal is to pray ONE MILLION Hail Mary’s in 2019.

(Note, there are 53 Hail Mary’s to be counted by each person for each Rosary)

Regardless of how many, please record the number of Hail Mary’s prayed each day on the chart. Charts are available at the Prayer Display or in our office.  Each month add up the Hail Mary’s and place the completed chart in the basket at the Prayer Display.   Make sure you have a new sheet for each month and record the new Prayer Intention.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you with abundance.