Letter of Thanks to Archbishop

June 2, 2020

Catholic Diocesan Centre,
Attention Archbishop Anthony Mancini
1559 Brunswick St., Suite 101 | Halifax, Nova Scotia | B3J 2G1  
Dear Archbishop Mancini,

On behalf of our Parish, I wish to thank you and the Diocesan staff for your generosity and investment in our community of faith. We were planning to express our gratitude as a community in person at our May 3rd Unity Mass. However, due to the delay caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, we felt we should write to you at this time.

As you know there have been many struggles in the South Shore churches over the past decades. While many positive experiences and pastoral cares were present, they seem to be overshadowed with negative experiences. These include the revelation of Clergy sex abuse, resulting financial losses, untimely death of active pastors, financial mismanagement, and the like. Each church had its own unique experiences.

These varieties of experiences resurfaced during transition to a new parish. As a result many frank discussions ensued and exposed these often pent up feelings. One continually resurfacing frustration was the debt of St Joseph Church which was significant. Having devised a plan to eliminate it, John Kennedy helped us with another plan offering significant principle and interest forgiveness. We are now able to affordably pay the balance and the dissenting voices have quieted.

Not only have you helped us in financially, but, also in other ways for revitalization. Your visioning under Equip the Saints, sponsoring us in the Divine Renovation Network; gathering priests and parish leaders for prayer, learning and fellowship; and making great diocesan resources readily available, have made our journey through the transition and beyond more hopeful and realistic.

In all this, again, thank you. And we continue to pray for you and your own ministry, particularly as it approaches its end, towards retirement.

In Christ,
Fr Jim O’Connor