Finance Council Letter to Parishioners

Dear Parishioners:

The Finance Council held a virtual meeting recently. We reviewed the financial statements to April 30th, 2020 and would like to say that we are very impressed with the amount of support that the parishioners have given the Parish during these weeks of closure. However, projected over the year, the statements do present an unsettling result.

Attached to this letter is a condensed Income Statement. It shows an overall loss for the five churches of $18,412.00. (Included in the expenses are the St. Joseph loan repayment amounts, paid entirely by St. Joseph. We realize it’s not an expense by definition, but we recognize that it is an expenditure, and so the statement reflects the cash loss to the overall parish.

If we project the loss for the whole of 2020 based on the April figures, we could be looking at a loss of approximately $55,000. We know steps have already taken to reduce expenses as much as practical, though more drastic measures might be required should the closures continue indefinitely.
In a somber tone of reflection, certain facts must come into the financial picture which we all must face realistically. The future holds many uncertainties that we and the powers that be have worked and prayed over so hard these last terrible months. We face the doubts associated with the declining church attendance prior to the pandemic, the unknown length of church closure, families’ inability to overcome a monthly cash shortfall since the pandemic and the length of time it will take to initiate former and / or new fund raising activities that together could raise the cash for the year end projected shortfall. Saint John the Apostle Parish has an important goal – how and when we can attain it depends upon the faith of its people – let us continue to work hard and pray sincerely for solutions.

The only other measure is to appeal to parishioners to help out even more, recognizing that their past generosity is very much appreciated.

Finance Chairman
Edgar Blinn