Life in Christ
Life in Christ

Family Resource Centre

Modelled after the Holy Family, a man and woman connected together in marriage with their children form a family. Referred to as the “Domestic Church” families are the building blocks of society. Our Parish strengthens families by:

  • Preparing couples for marriage;
  • Recognizing the critical role married couples have as parents in procreation, raising and educating their children;
  • Promoting extended families and Godparent accountability;
  • Highlighting the responsibilities children have towards their parents, siblings and elders;
  • Encouraging family participation in the life of the Parish; and
  • Helping those in irregular unions enter into full communion with the Church.

We know that single parent families are a present reality in our society and we are compassionately aware of the struggles they face. Whether in happiness or hardship, joy or sorrow we minister to all families regardless of size or situation. The Church offers the surest path for Christian family formation where Catholic values are taught, practiced and preserved for the sanctification of souls and sake of the common good.

The Family Resource Centre is your one stop shop to the Church sacraments and Parish ministries available to your family. Where to start? For more information contact Lydia Skoreyko, Family Ministries Coordinator:

Culture and Life

Dr. Kristy’s Parent Blog

Raising children in this digital age has many challenges as well as blessings. Dr. Kristy Goodwin has spent her career researching and advising parents, individuals and professionals on how we can use technology in healthy and helpful ways at work and with our kids so it doesn’t encroach on our health and our performance. She has numerous easy to read blog posts that answer our dilemmas about screen time.

On her Parents Blog, Dr. Kristy has numerous easy-to-read posts in which she shares her knowledge and wisdom on a wide range of topics of interest to families, such as, how to be productive working from home, managing screen time at sleep overs and play-dates, protecting children’s eyesight in the digital age and what parents need to consider before sharing pictures of their kids.

To see Dr. Kristy’s Parent Blog, go to:

Ruah Woods PRESS
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Ruah Woods ROOTED curriculum, based on St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, provides a solid basis for transmitting a vision of the human person according to God’s loving design and St. John Paul II’s teachings. A thorough teaching resource incrementally presented for children (K-8) and youth (grades 9-12).

Follow the link:

SBPkids Online

SBPkids Online is a children’s ministry from Saint Benedict’s Parish in Halifax that your family can participate in and enjoy while we are unable to gather at Mass. The primary goal of SBPkids is to help children get to know and love Jesus. Laura leads the program with enthusiasm, joy and fun. She uses an interactive approach and embeds fun videos and songs and movement for the whole family.

Please go to for more information. You can find all the SBP Kids Online Church videos at St. Benedict’s You Tube channel:

Sophia Institute for Teachers

Family of Faith

Developing strong Catholic families in which children learn the joys of following Jesus Christ and the truths of our Faith through the witness of Christian life given by their parents.

Please go to: for more information.


Worship@Home is a free online resource to help families pray together at home while we are unable to gather for Sunday Mass through an age-appropriate, easy to follow way that involves the whole family and even makes it a little fun. It is used by over 12,000 families since it began. Everything you need is there to make the experience a positive one; suggestions for set up, parts for the leader, which can be your child, and the participants, embedded contemporary praise music, and discussion questions to get your family talking about the readings. There is an introductory video you may watch for more information. May God bless your family through this resource.

Follow the link:


  • Alpha

  • Children's Christmas Party

  • Couple's Enrichment

  • Hospitality Sundays

  • Mothers' Prayer Group



  • Baptism

    Gateway to life in the Spirit, membership in the Church and sharer in Christ’s mission.

  • Confirmation

    Enriched by the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith in word and deed.

  • Eucharist

    Source and summit of the Christian life.

  • Matrimony

    Man and woman in an intimate communion of life and love.


  • Knights of Columbus

  • NET Ministries

  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society