Life in Christ
Life in Christ

Family Resource Centre

Modelled after the Holy Family, men and women connected together in marriage with their children form a family. Referred to as the “Domestic Church” the family is the building block of society. Our Parish strengthens families by:

  • Preparing couples for marriage;
  • Recognizing the critical role married couples have as parents in procreation, raising and educating their children;
  • Promoting extended families and Godparent accountability;
  • Highlighting the responsibilities children have towards their parents, siblings and elders;
  • Encouraging family participation in the life of the Parish; and
  • Helping those in irregular unions enter into full communion with the Church.

We know that single parent families are a present reality in our society and we are compassionately aware of the struggles they face. Whether in happiness or hardship, joy or sorrow we minister to all families regardless of size or situation. The Church offers the surest path for Christian family formation where Catholic values are taught, practiced and preserved for the sanctification of souls and sake of the common good.

The Family Resource Centre is your one stop shop to the Church sacraments and Parish ministries available to your family. Where to start? For more information contact Lydia Skoreyko, Family Ministries Coordinator:


  • Alpha

  • Children's Christmas Party

  • Couple's Enrichment

  • Hospitality Sundays

  • Mothers' Prayer Group


  • Children's Liturgy of the Word

  • Family Catechesis

  • Family Culture

  • Stuebenville Atlantic


  • Baptism

    Gateway to life in the Spirit, membership in the Church and sharer in Christ’s mission.

  • Confirmation

    Enriched by the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith in word and deed.

  • Eucharist

    Source and summit of the Christian life.

  • Matrimony

    Man and woman in an intimate communion of life and love.


  • Advent Wreath Making

  • Knights of Columbus

  • NET Ministries

  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society