CLC – Church Life Committee

Finally, it’s time to organize our CLC’s. Below is the purpose, structure and description of its member roles. Our goal is to have a CLC in each church by June 2021. If you accept the mission of our parish to bring souls to Christ and would like to consider serving as a member, please contact out office or send an email to Fr Jim. Blessings to you all as we continue to build the Kingdom of God.


The Church Life Committee (CLC) shall be established in each church of the Parish. It shall manage all aspects of the church’s operations to ensure its vitality for serving their respective church. This shall include support of The New Evangelization within a unified Parish vision.

The New Evangelization is relational at heart.  CLC members will seek a joyful and healthy relationship with each other, with others in the various church ministries and ultimately with our Lord Jesus.  Nurturing such relationships begins among the members and necessarily includes prayer and fellowship while carrying out the business of the CLC.


  • The CLC will meet a minimum of eight times per year.  Meeting dates for the year will be scheduled each January. These dates will be published on the website and in Parish bulletin two weeks before each meeting.
  • Meetings shall be efficient in deliberation and decision making as well as enhancing of member relationships.  Therefore, a typical meeting format shall include up to 20 minutes for prayer, spiritual reflection and personal sharing.  Business of the meeting follows for 60 minutes, or as necessary, and concludes with prayer.  Ending the time together with a short social is encouraged.  In addition, members are encouraged to gather for prayer, fellowship and learning at other convenient or seasonal times in the year.
  • CLC members are responsible for informing the Chairperson in advance if they are unable to attend a meeting.  If a member is absent for three consecutive meetings, the Committee may ask the Pastor that that member’s position be deemed vacant and request a new appointment.
  • The Secretary will distribute minutes of the previous meeting, along with an agenda for the upcoming meeting, at least seven days prior to the next scheduled meeting. Members will submit items for the agenda that they wish to be discussed.
  • At each meeting, members will provide an overview of their area of responsibility including items for discussion and/or decisions by the committee as a whole.  All members will have a voice in decision making and are responsible for monitoring all aspects of church operations.
  • Where possible, the committee will make decisions for their church by consensus.  If consensus is not possible, decisions will be made by a simple majority of members present. Major decisions will be made by the full committee and recommended to the Pastor.
  • Decisions made by the CLC that reflect or impact on Saint John the Apostle Parish will be forwarded to the Pastor in the form of recommendations.
  • Appointed CLC members may solicit assistance from other church parishioners to accomplish their responsibilities, but only the appointed member may take part in the deliberation and/or the decision-making process.
  • At the request of the Pastor, the CLC will accept additional assignments and/or responsibilities.
  • The CLC meetings are open to all church parishioners.  Church parishioners are required to bring topics to a committee member in advance, so they may be added to the agenda.  If a non-committee member brings a topic to a member and is at the meeting the Chairperson may invite them to speak before any decision is made. Non-committee members will not be permitted to take part in deliberations or decision-making during meetings.
  • The CLC will host an information and general discussion session for church parishioners following the Sunday Mass at least two times per year or more often when major changes are anticipated.  Comments and concerns of the parishioners will be considered in deliberations and decision making.
  • Annually, CLC members will be blessed at Mass and their names published in the Parish Bulletin and posted on the Parish Website.


  • Each CLC shall consist of a minimum five and of a maximum seven church parishioners. Members may be recommended by another parishioner based on their gifts, the “FACT (Faithful, Available, Contagious *, and Teachable) Principle” and approved by the Pastor. *Being contagious means you embrace the Parish Vison and want to share it with others.
  • To maintain continuity, members shall serve in staggered terms with a minimum of three and a maximum of six years.
  • Each CLC will choose a Chairperson and Secretary at the first meeting in January to serve for a minimum two year term.
  • A quorum shall consist of 50% plus one member. 
  • Minutes and Action List.  Recorded as necessary to support decisions, action or important matters.  Note, each member will have recorded minutes from parish level meetings.


Finance Ministry Member

  • Will serve as a member of and follow policies as established by the Finance Council.
  • Will prepare an annual operating and capital budget to be presented to the CLC for discussion and approval. The completed budget shall be forwarded to the Parish Finance Council on or before September 30th, each year.  Following Council approval, a printed copy of the budget will be made available to each parishioner.
  • Will identify budget needs related to fundraising and revenue increases.
  • Will monitor and approve invoices for their church for the Finance Council.
  • Will receive a monthly report from the Finance Council on actual vs budgeted expenses / revenues and recommend actions to be taken when significant variances occur.

Care Ministry Member

  • Will promote FELLOWSHIP, SSVP/FOOD BANK, ECUMENICAL events, and HOSPITALITY according the needs of the community and the vision of the parish.
    • Will support fellowship and social interactions that serve the needs of the Church in its mission with Small Groups (as presented by Devine Renovation), social activities, etc.
    • Will develop pastoral care ministries which include Bereavement support, Visitation / Communion to shut-ins, etc.
    • Will support outreach ministries to the disadvantaged such as SVDP and food bank.
    • Will liaise with Ecumenical Community Groups
    • Will promote a culture of Hospitality among parishioners, during the weekend experience (Mass), and during church events (ie -Hospitality Sunday) and community events (ie -Strawberry suppers) etc.

Evangelization Ministry Member

  • Will be fully versed in the purpose, direction, and intent of the New Evangelization in accordance with the vision of Saint John the Apostle Parish, the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth and the Holy See.
  • Will develop opportunities for Formation to become missionary disciples
  • Will develop an active Alpha Evangelization Ministry to reach the unchurched.
  • Will develop and manage a Discipleship Ministry for families, youth, young adults, adults and seniors such as bible study, Ministry Gatherings etc.
  • Will coordinate communications within each Church, Parish and the community for informing and promoting church activities and for Evangelization.
  • Will monitor and report the success of initiatives and recommend revisions where appropriate.

Worship Ministry Member

  • Will ensure the WEEKEND EXPERIENCE, LITURGY, MUSIC, and PRAYER Ministries meet the Vision and Mission of the Parish.
    • Will evaluate the Weekend Experience through parishioner feedback surveys. The Weekend Experience is the totality of the parishioner’s experience at Mass with hymns, hospitality, and homily. The goal of the Weekend Experience is to create a desire for parishioners to return.
  • Will ensure schedules are created for Liturgical Ministries to include Mass coordinator, sacristan, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, and hospitality ministers; and any other special needs as requested by the Pastor.
  • Will liaise with Music ministry for liturgical celebrations.
  • Will encourage the development of an active prayer ministry at both the Church and Parish levels.

Church Works Ministry Member

  • Will ensure CAPITAL WORKS, REPAIR, and CLEANING operations are undertaken.
  • Will prepare a twenty-year forecast of major capital infrastructure expenditures projects such as roofing, painting, plumbing, electrical and heating systems for each of the Church buildings and grounds.
  • Will assist the finance member to prepare annual and five-year budgets.
  • Will oversee general maintenance and cleaning of the church and church property on a day to day basis.
  • Will oversee communication infrastructure such as internet, audiovisual, etc.
  • Will cooperate with Parish Cemetery Ministry; to be established.
  • Will ensure Halifax – Yarmouth Diocese guidelines for maintenance, risk management, and insurance requirements are followed.
  • Will manage emergency situations that involve Church property.